This is how Beats Music looks and here’s what it will cost

Curated Music streaming service Beats Music coming soon… Features innovative playlist ideas and emphasis on social reco, human curation instead of algorithmic reco. Will cost $10/month or $100/year. AT&T will be carrier partner, which means AT&T subscribers get 3 months for free.

The man behind Beats Music? Music entrepreneur Jimmy Iovine, founder of Interscope Records.


Jimmy Iovine’s music subscription service Beats Music is launching on January 21, according to the New York Times. The service shared a few details about the service with the paper Saturday, including one small screenshot of its mobile app and some details around its pricing. It’s a start — but there is more to it. I have been able to obtain some key art as well as other details that give us a good idea of what Beats will look like, and how much it will cost.

The screenshot I obtained seems to be of promotional nature, and shows Beats on an iPhone (S AAPL) and an Android (S GOOG) phone, as well as a browser-based version running on a Mac. It’s possible that it pictures an earlier version of the service, but given the quickly approaching launch date, it’s likely that this is close to the actual product.

Check it…

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