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Neue HD-Kanäle auf Entertain

Ab März bekommen Kunden des IPTV-Angebots der Deutschen Telekom die Sender der P7S1-Gruppe in HD zu sehen. RTL ist weiterhin nicht verfügbar. Die HD-Sender sind teil des kostenpflichtigen Zusatzpakets HD Start. Hier gibt’s den Artikel von Golem.


Let’s talk about streaming (some more)

Music Industry Blog

Last night I participated in a Music Tank seminar on streaming music.  It was a vibrant and valuable debate with a healthy diversity of opinion.  Below are brief highlights of my opening keynote, including some exclusive data from record labels and from Spotify.

Streaming isn’t the paradigm shift, increased convenience of music access is

Streaming is no new thing.  Napster, Rhapsody, YouTube have been with us for many years.  What changed is that Spotify made it work with elegant simplicity, wrapped up in a consumer-friendly value proposition.  Of course Spotify had timing on its side too, coming to market once most of us already had broadband and at a time when a rapidly growing share of us were getting smartphones with data plans.  And of course timing is everything in business.

Timing aside though, we should be careful not to get hung up on the idea of streaming as an…

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HBO Go coming to Xbox360

PayTV Dinosaur HBO opened its service for the web two years ago as part of the “TV everywhere” strategy of cable company Verizon. Now they’ve announced that the 30 million Xboxers in the US can access HBO Go on their Xbox360 from April 1st. Follow the links in this article on Techcrunch for more on HBO Go.

Sony Entertainment Network SEN

I linked to the Sony Corporate Blog because they have a nice little breakdown of what SEN can do. The Sony Entertainment Network (SEN) is designed to bring music and video as well as gaming to your home via browser/PC, PS3 or Sony Bravia TV, as well as mobilize your video, gaming and music experience, with your Sony Xperia, PSP or PS Vita. SEN follows an all-screen-approach with a twist: your mobile devices need to be made by Sony in order to use them. No iOS, Mac supported.

Sony Blog is here.

Presentation: Online Video in Europe

For all you connoisseurs of pie-charts, curves and diagrams: Get this study on the online video market from November 2011 by Comscore. Download here.

To get your mouths watery: Worldwide in October of 2011, 1.2 Billion people watched an average of 18 hours of online video each

Google: Please Don’t Kill Video on the Web!

BildGoogle hat Motorola übernohmen, und jetzt bitten sie zur Kasse: Gefordert werden Lizenzgebühren für Patente, die vor allem für Web-Video unangemessen hoch sind. Microsoft und Apple versuchen sich dagegen zu wehren.

“” – Crytek plant Facebook für Gamer

Die Frankfurter Entwickler von Crytek planen mit eine Art Facebook für Gamer einzurichten. Frei nach dem Motto “Play.Together.Live” sollen Spielern neben Online-Games auch Freundeslisten und Statusupdates zur Verfügung stehen. Geplanter Start des Portals ist noch in diesem Jahr.