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Germany Rejoice, Roku Is Coming!

Featured Image -- 1836It just won’t be marketed as a Roku Box, but rather as the “Sky Online TV Box”. Roku’s hardware will power Sky’s OTT video offer in Germany, aimed at reaching an audience outside of the realm of cable Pay-TV.

This move by Sky comes on the heels of Netflix’s launch in Germany and is part of Roku’s white label strategy.

Read more at Gigaom.


Video Streaming Dienste im Vergleich

image-749005-galleryV9-qwtbZum Deutschlandstart des Branchenriesen Netflix liefert der Spiegel eine Gegenüberstellung der vier großen Anbieter in Deutschland: Sky Snap, Amazon Instant, Watchever und Marktführer Maxdome. “Wo bekommt man welche Serie, wo welchen Filmklassiker? Und welche Dienste lassen sich auch unterwegs nutzen?”

Nachzulesen hier.

Summarizing The Reasons For Personalization Of TV

logoOn their company blog, cloud TV platform maker Comigo, sings the praise of personalizing the TV experience for pay TV customers:

“The benefits for TV viewers are obvious. Viewers are finding the content they like faster, so they’re watching more TV, they’re ordering more VOD offerings, and they’re happier with their service operator.

And the benefits for operators aren’t so bad either… Increased viewer satisfaction and engagement means less subscriber churn, more premium content ordered, and subscribers who are actively talking to friends about the service, in turn, bringing about potential new business.”

Check out the whole article, which features some interesting links to recent research, here.