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Amazon schnappt sich Twitch

Twitch-Logo-720Monatelang ging man davon aus, dass Google sich Twitch kaufen würde, das erfolgreiche Netzwerk für Gaming-Videos auf Youtube. Jetzt ist anscheinend Amazon dazwischen gesprungen und hat sich für ca. 1 Mrd. Dollar Twitch gekauft.

Bei Twitch dreht sich alles um Spiele und Spieler. Gute oder lustige Spieler veröffentlichen bei Youtube Live-Videomitschnitte z.B. ihrer erfolgreichen Missionen in Strategiespielen oder lustigen Stunts bei Shootern, komplett mit eigenen Audiokommentaren. Andere schauen sich das an und kommentieren. Spieler können eigene Channel anbieten und dafür sogar Abonnements verkaufen. Insgesamt 55 Millionen Nutzer liessen sich von dem simplen Prinzip begeistern, ein weiterer Beleg für die unglaubliche Popularität des Mediums “Computerspiele” bei den unter 30-jährigen. Spielkonsolen wie PS4 und XBox One unterstützen den Dienst, für PC gibt es kostenlose Software.

Was will Amazon mit Twitch? Der Spiegel schreibt: “Laut Medienberichten will der Online-Händler demnächst auch ein eigenes System zur Vermarktung von Werbeplatz im Internet starten. Amazon hat auch ein eigenes Geschäft mit Online-Spielen auf Basis des Betriebssystems Android.”



Playstation TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire, Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV – It’s Getting Crowded In The Streaming Device Market

pstvPlaystation TV is set to be released in the US in October, Smart TVs running on Android TV are also rumored to hit the market this fall, while Roku is getting inside Smart TVs and still selling lots of Roku 3 boxes, competing with the million-seller Apple TV and Google’s cheap Chromecast stick. Don’t forget Amazon Fire TV and all the others!

The competition just keeps on growing in the streaming device market and this is a good thing for consumers because everyone wants to lure them into their ecosystems by keeping prices low and adding feature after feature: OTT video and television, cloud-DVR, (cloud) gaming, you name it, you can have it.

Read more on this developing market at Fierce Online Video.

Sony Doesn’t Know Why The PS4 Is Doing Well

Looks like 10 million core gamers got their PS4. Now, how does Sony get everyone else to buy one?


PlayStation 4

Earlier this month, Sony announced that it has already sold 10 million units of its PlayStation 4 game console since its launch last November, a record-setting figure for the company’s hardware. In an interview with Eurogamer published yesterday, Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida admitted that the company doesn’t really know why its console is doing so well in today’s gaming market.

That sounds like a good problem to have. When sales are high, something is working, so why rock the boat, right?

But as Yoshida points out in the interview, not knowing why people are buying its console now could have serious implications on Sony’s strategy going forward. If it turns out that all of the “core” gamers – those who consistently buy the latest releases in series like Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto — coincidentally decided to all buy their preferred next-gen console at once, then it’s…

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Me: What kinds of shows do you like to watch on TV? Daughter: What’s a TV?

The youth of today is losing interest in classic TV. Youtube “stars” are more popular than our good old Hollywood stars. I’m old.


The fact that television viewing is changing dramatically — being disrupted by the web, by YouTube (s goog) and other factors — isn’t breaking news. It’s something we report on a lot at Gigaom, and almost daily there is some announcement that helps reinforce that trend, like the fact that Netflix now has more subscription revenue than HBO, or a recent survey reported by Variety that shows YouTube stars are more popular with young internet users than Hollywood stars.

That last piece of news really hit home for me, because it got me thinking again about how my own family consumes what used to be called television, and how much has changed in only a single generation.

I’m old. Let’s get that out of the way right off the bat. I was born a few years before the moon landing, and I remember us all watching it as a…

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EA Launches A $30 Per Year Netflix For Games On Xbox One

Good news for Xbox One users: get your EA games for $30/year instead of $70 per game. Bad news if you’re on Playstation or looking to sell cloud gaming for $10/month.


I’d play a lot more games if they weren’t $70 a pop, and it looks like EA suspects that might be true of a lot of gamers. The game publisher just announced a new subscription service called ‘EA Access‘ for Xbox One users that will give subscribers all the games they can play (from a limited catalog) for $4.99 per month.

What games, you say? Well, there’s Madden 25 to start. And Fifa 14. And Battlefield 4. And Peggle 2. It’s a limited selection, but it’s a start, and it could cater especially to gamers who are interested in serial sports titles like Madden but who don’t see enough value in forking over $70 per year for generally incremental updates – a multi-title subscription service would provide more access to a wider range of games for the same amount of money or less, at $29.99 per year if you buy all…

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Exclusive Games For Amazon Fire Phone and Tablets

dsc1174jpgSince users seem to be spending more time with games than anything else on their phones/tablets, Amazon is investing into games companies to bolster their exclusive games portfolio in a differentiating move that resembles Netflix’s exclusive show strategy.

Techcrunch has more on the gaming strategy.

Go to Business Insider for the basic facts about the Fire phone.

Nvidia’s Shield Tablet And Shield Controller Look To Offer No-Compromise Mobile Gaming

Originally posted on TechCrunch:
[tc_5min code=”518332065″] The Nvidia Shield was a first attempt by graphics chip- and card-maker Nvidia, but it gave the company a taste for building gadgets that wouldn’t go away, so now they’re back with the Shield Tablet, a gaming monster that doubles as a $299 Android slate. Nvidia’s gaming tablet is…