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Another Dongle? Another Dongle!

PhoneLandingHeroIt looks like Microsoft is going to release a streaming dongle soon, to allow users of the Windows Phone to mirror content to their TV using the Miracast technology. Miracast is not as advanced as the system Google’s Chromecast uses. A “key difference is that Miracast is based on streaming media directly, in a P2P-like fashion, from the sender device to the receiver, whereas Google Cast merely points the receiver to a media resource that can be hosted in the cloud.”

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Netcast – Der Mozilla Streaming Stick

ImageMit dem Netcast kann man zukünftig – wie mit einem Chromecast oder ähnlichen Streaming Devices – Inhalte von mobilen Geräten auf dem Fernseher streamen. Allerdings mit dem Firefox OS, statt mit Android.

Mozilla hat angekündigt, dass dieses System offener für verschiedene Quellen und Typen von Inhalten sein soll, als die Konkurrenz. Allerdings gibt es noch so viel Geheimhaltung rund um das Gerät, dass nicht mal der Name Netcast in Stein gemeisselt ist.

Einen kurzen Überblick gibt es bei

Ein Video gibt es bei Gigaom.

Media Companies Looking To Merge?

ImageNow that their main customers (CableCos, TelCos) have consolidated their side of the market for tv shows, can we expect the media companies that produce the content to follow suit?

Now that Comcast-TWC and AT&T-DirecTV are set to become giant content distribitution platforms via Pay-TV and VoD, there seems to be some motivation for media houses and smaller Pay-TV channels to form alliances in order to regain some leverage when bargaining with these new giants that stand for half of all US Pay-TV customers.

According to a WSJ article, cable networks like AMC could look to team up with medium-sized media companies like Viacom who themselves could become targets for big guns like Disney or CBS. One of the expected players is 21st Century Fox who have billions to spend and might look at Time Warner, home of CNN. “Consolidation might not seem to have much positive impact in the short term, but could really benefit content and channels companies over time by providing negotiating scale and diversity of product,” said Michael Morris, a media analyst at Guggenheim Securities. Other driving factors include international growth and content-licensing revenues.

Shareholders’ demand for dividends and boosting stock prices through buybacks as well as regulatory issues could work against any large mergers and acquisitions.
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Vevo For Sale?

ImageYahoo, Amazon, Dreamworks and others are looking at the world’s largest music video provider Vevo, who has hired Goldman Sachs and Raine Group to help finding investors.

Vevo is the biggest Multi-Channel Network on Youtube and is on track to earning $350 million this year.
Yahoo already has a co-operation in place to drive traffic on its online video outlet Yahoo Screen.

Vevo could struggle in the same way as Hulu in finding investors suitable to its owners.

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Amazon Set Top Box Rumors

Amazon_AFPAmazon keeps on shooting down rumors related to an Amazon Set Top Box, which would take on game consoles like PS4/Xbox One and streaming boxes like Apple TV or Roku. It will allow cloud gaming and download, video and music streaming and download.

We are looking at a development where game consoles and streaming boxes become one box with the likes of Sony and Microsoft looking into streaming live TV through PS4/Xbox One, to go along with all the VoD services available on the latest generations of consoles.
Facing walled gardens on other gaming systems, it would make sense from a business perspective for Amazon to create a new vehicle besides the Kindle to sell their products and services, like Amazon Instant Video. Rumors suggest a price of around 300$ for the box.

Read a german article from Spiegel or check out Engadget’s Amazon stories here.

Google Play Music vor Deutschlandstart?

In der Redaktion von Androidpit hat es erste Anzeichen für einen in Kürze bevorstehenden Launch des online Musikgeschäfts von Google als Erweiterung des Appstores und Teil der Google Play Strategie gegeben. Ein Redakteur konnte plötzlich Musikinterpreten browsen und bekam schon Recommendations geliefert. Dazu kommt, dass die Seiten schon auf deutsch betitelt waren. Die Redaktion vermutet einen Server-Schluckauf, denn auf anderen Geräten liess sich dieser Bereich von Google Play nicht erreichen.

Hier gehts zum Artikel mit interessanten Kommentaren von USern, die ähnliche Erfahrungen machen konnten.

Microsoft To Launch Tablet With Barnes & Noble

The latest rumours spreading about Microsoft’s upcoming release seem to be narrowing down. We expect a tablet device not unlike Amazons Kindle Fire. So basically an E-Reader and Streaming Device. Microsoft, a loser in the tablet market so far, will team up with Barnes & Noble, a loser in the E-Publishing biz. Meanwhile Microsoft is buying tons of streaming content rights for the XBox 360. If these rights will support mobile content on the upcoming tablet, that seems like a good thing.

Good luck clashing heads with Amazon and Apple!

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