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Streaming Services Not The End Of Music Libraries?

Tech-Blog Lifehacker has an opinion piece which takes a look at the arguments that make successful music streaming sites like Spotify or Rdio less likely to replace your traditional mp3 library.

1. Their libraries will be limited

2. They don’t handle local files well

3. UX is less than stellar

So what are they good for?

Find out in the article.


Microsoft to Produce Original Content

The New York Times Bits Blog is reporting that Microsoft has hired former CBS executive Nancy Tellem to head up production of “original video content” for the Xbox.

After Hulu and Netflix have already begun venturing into own content production, it looks like Microsoft could be heading down that road as well, in part to beef up the  XBox Live Gold memebership value.

Check the article at Gizmodo or the NYT linked above for more.