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Virtual Reality Is Gaining Momentum

271__944x0_iguanaWe all remember the first wave of virtual reality hype in the 90s, pinnacled by the movies Lawnmower Man and Virtuosity. Well, nothing much followed until recently, when the Oculus Rift emerged as well as Sony’s project Morpheus.

Virtual Reality is moving past gaming and now it’s garnered the attention of story-tellers, looking to use the technology to take content to another level of immersion. Imagine a movie that let’s you pan around the scene, look at characters from different angles etc. BBC-affiliated production company Atlantic Studios, renowned for educational programming and documentaries have embraced the new technology and are looking for ways to enhance the narrative of their non-fictional content. Anthony Geffen, CEO of Atlantic, likens the new technological frontier to the days when film went from silent movies to “talkies”.

Techcrunch has the whole story.


Kabel Deutschland lizensiert RDK

Kabel Deutschland hat als erster internationaler Kunde das Reference Design Kit (RDK) aus einem Joint Venture von TWC und Comcast lizensiert.
Die Softwareplattform könnte in Zukunft die Auslieferung des Signals über virtuelle Set Top Boxen ermöglichen, also über die Cloud. Das RDK soll auch eine Vereinheitlichung in der Ausspielung von Videosignalen über verschiedene Connected Devices herbeiführen.

Mehr zum RDK gibt es hier.

Den Ursprungsartikel gibt es hier.

TiVo buys search/reco company Digitalsmiths

DVR maker TiVo has purchased one of the leading content discovery technology providers, Digitalsmiths, for $135M.
The move to buy the cloud-based reco company goes to show how highly personalized discovery and recommendation is being valued as a differentiation factor for content providers.

The EPG and reco service can be implemented across multiple devices and has seen considerable growth.

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GetGlue Is Now tvtag

GlueIcon-300x300Social TV App GetGlue was bought by i.TV who have relaunched the second screen app as “tvtag”, an app that focuses less on recommendation, because “most of us already know what we want to watch”, according to i.TV CEO Brad Pelo. This perspective comes as a surprise to me, as the whole industry seems to be looking for more recommendation and personalization features to inspire more video or TV consumption by their customers.
tvtag will set aside some other features that GetGlue had, like automatic content recognition and automatic check-in via cable boxes.tvtag has a curated approach to social TV, which means that basically an editorial team will watch TV all day and all of the night. The curators will tag certain segments of the TV program (goal shots, key quotes etc.) as “TV moments” around which the social interaction takes place.

Follow this link to the article or watch this video.

This is how Beats Music looks and here’s what it will cost

Curated Music streaming service Beats Music coming soon… Features innovative playlist ideas and emphasis on social reco, human curation instead of algorithmic reco. Will cost $10/month or $100/year. AT&T will be carrier partner, which means AT&T subscribers get 3 months for free.

The man behind Beats Music? Music entrepreneur Jimmy Iovine, founder of Interscope Records.


Jimmy Iovine’s music subscription service Beats Music is launching on January 21, according to the New York Times. The service shared a few details about the service with the paper Saturday, including one small screenshot of its mobile app and some details around its pricing. It’s a start — but there is more to it. I have been able to obtain some key art as well as other details that give us a good idea of what Beats will look like, and how much it will cost.

The screenshot I obtained seems to be of promotional nature, and shows Beats on an iPhone (S AAPL) and an Android (S GOOG) phone, as well as a browser-based version running on a Mac. It’s possible that it pictures an earlier version of the service, but given the quickly approaching launch date, it’s likely that this is close to the actual product.

Check it…

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Will Windows 8 Tablet “Surface” Revive Microsoft?

Entering the tablet PC market has been a rouch ride for Microsoft, as nobody seems to want a mobile device running on Windows. Some believe yesterday’s presentation of the “Surface” might change Microsoft’s fortunes. Matt Burns of Techcrunch seems genuinely impressed calling it the next generation of mobile computing.

Welcome to a product made up of Microsoft hardware and software. It’s almost like an iPad with MS office running on it. You can get some serious work done on it. This might become the travelling businessman’s weapon of choice. Most of all, it shows 3rd party hardware makers how to build a good tablet PC.

Read the whole article and more over at Techcrunch.

Microsoft To Launch Tablet With Barnes & Noble

The latest rumours spreading about Microsoft’s upcoming release seem to be narrowing down. We expect a tablet device not unlike Amazons Kindle Fire. So basically an E-Reader and Streaming Device. Microsoft, a loser in the tablet market so far, will team up with Barnes & Noble, a loser in the E-Publishing biz. Meanwhile Microsoft is buying tons of streaming content rights for the XBox 360. If these rights will support mobile content on the upcoming tablet, that seems like a good thing.

Good luck clashing heads with Amazon and Apple!

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