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How YouTube Music Key Will Redefine What We Consider ‘Music’

What is music these days?


Have A Look At The Music Revenue Split from 1983 to 2013

1983In 1983 the market was split into cassettes (47,8%) and vinyl (LP/EP and Singles: 51,7%). In 2003 CDs accounted for over 95% of revenue. Today it’s just crazy, there are so many different revenue streams.

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Youtube Music Key Revealed

44540-youtube-music1Google is supposedly set to launch a Youtube-based music subscription service called Youtube Music Key.

Further they have renamed their Google Play Music All Access subscription service to Google Play Music Key. These two services might be bundled into a $9,99/month service. You can either watch videos (including live footage and remixes) or just listen to music in the background.

Stay tuned for more info as it leaks.

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Youtube To Launch Subscriber-Only Music Service

youtube-logo-oblique-650pxYoutube/Google has confirmed it will launch a subscription-based music streaming service, despite a public quarrel over royalties with leading indie labels like the Beggars Group (Adele, Arctic Monkeys), whose bands would be taken off of Youtube altogether.

This move is viewed by independent music labels as a bully tactic to force them into signing a deal for the subscription music streaming service. Youtube’s logic is: If we can’t offer these bands to our paying customers, we can’t offer them to the viewers who frequent the free part of Youtube, because that would be unfair towards the subscribers.

Furthermore Youtube claims that it has generated over $1 billion for the music industry over the past couple of years. Still, Rich Bengloff, president of the independent label trade association A2IM, states that the royalty deals with streaming services like Rdio or Spotify are more favorable to the rights owners. Industry insiders have made some terms of Youtube’s offer public: Non-negotiable contracts with conditions so bad that they threaten the existence of indie labels. The conditions are worse than what Google agreed to pay for the rights on their music streaming service Google Play.

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Vevo For Sale?

ImageYahoo, Amazon, Dreamworks and others are looking at the world’s largest music video provider Vevo, who has hired Goldman Sachs and Raine Group to help finding investors.

Vevo is the biggest Multi-Channel Network on Youtube and is on track to earning $350 million this year.
Yahoo already has a co-operation in place to drive traffic on its online video outlet Yahoo Screen.

Vevo could struggle in the same way as Hulu in finding investors suitable to its owners.

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Amazon Set Top Box Rumors

Amazon_AFPAmazon keeps on shooting down rumors related to an Amazon Set Top Box, which would take on game consoles like PS4/Xbox One and streaming boxes like Apple TV or Roku. It will allow cloud gaming and download, video and music streaming and download.

We are looking at a development where game consoles and streaming boxes become one box with the likes of Sony and Microsoft looking into streaming live TV through PS4/Xbox One, to go along with all the VoD services available on the latest generations of consoles.
Facing walled gardens on other gaming systems, it would make sense from a business perspective for Amazon to create a new vehicle besides the Kindle to sell their products and services, like Amazon Instant Video. Rumors suggest a price of around 300$ for the box.

Read a german article from Spiegel or check out Engadget’s Amazon stories here. Embeds Youtube Videos

Online radio service, which belongs to CBS, has come under pressure from the likes of Pandora, Rdio or Spotify. As a means to ease the burden of licensing costs, is starting to embed Youtube videos for many songs, which ensures that Google, owner of Youtube, will pay the licensing fees. This experiment is still in Beta, so can evaluate user feedback.

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