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4K/UHD Picking Up Steam

4K-labelThe shipment numbers for 4K TVs have begun to look a lot more promising for the manufacturing industry through this year’s 3rd quarter. When compared to last year, sales have risen by 500% over the first three quarters, totalling 6,4 million sets. Korean giant Samsung leads the way, earning a market share of 35%.

Fiercecable has more.


More Time Spent On Mobile Devices Than In Front Of TV

header_moduleAccording to Flurry, US consumers spent more time with their mobile devices in the third quarter of 2014 than with their TV sets (177min – 168min).

However, the data does not reflect second screen time, when users are using mobile and tv at the same time and it doesn’t mean that users are watching more video content on mobile than on TV. Still, this seems like a watershed moment.

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Sony Is Launching Its Own Internet TV Service, PlayStation Vue, In Early 2015

Playstation Vue, Sony’s TV streaming service is set to launch in the US in 2015 at a “fair and competitive price”. It will feature content from CBS, Fox, NBCUniversal and others. It will allow users to chose from live, on-demand and catch-up TV as well as movies on demand. The system will make the last three days of TV content available for re-watching.
Looks like Sony is doing alot of things right!

Netflix: Zu viel Optimismus?

GRAFIK Netflix Kunden im Jahr 2020Das Manager Magazin hat heute eine Prognose über das Wachstum von Netflix bis 2020 veröffentlicht. Laut Digital TV Research sollen bis dahin rund 11 Millionen deutsche Haushalte den Streamingdienst abonniert haben.

Die Entwicklung von SVoD in Deutschland gibt eigentlich wenig Anlass für solchen Optimismus.

Netflix Has Disrupted Broadcast TV

HBOThe digital age will change the way we watch TV, just like it has changed the way we listen to music or read books and newspapers.

Netflix has achieved such widespread success as an OTT streaming offer, that it has driven two giants of the “old world”, namely HBO and CBS, to go down the OTT road by announcing their own streaming services. “And in sidestepping cable in some instances, HBO — likewise CBS — will have its hands on precious viewer data, an asset Netflix has used to lucrative ends.”

Opening new connections to their customers also gives them leverage when dealing with monopolistic cable companies.

Read the whole NYT article here.

The Future Of TV Is Online

internet_tv_header_deIn a recent article on, the author predicts a full shift of TV viewing to online TV. He has data to back up his claim, too: “Researchers tracked 165 online video views and 1.53 billion logins over a year, and they found that total TV viewing over the internet grew by 388 percent in mid-2014 compared to the same time a year earlier—a near-quintupling. And the increase is more than just a few diehards binge-watching: the number of unique viewers well more than doubled, growing 146 percent year-over-year.”

Online TV viewing is no longer a niche populated by tech savvy geeks. Streaming devices are making it easier to access online TV sources on your big screen TV. Add tablets and phablets to the hardware mix, add HBO and CBS to the OTT content source mix and you have a recipe for success.

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Get the Adobe research data here.

Mamor: Einfluss des Internet auf Fernsehpublikum noch gering

Laut Aussage des ARD-Vorsitzenden Lutz Mamor wird der Einfluss des Mediums Internet mit seinen Online-Video-Angeboten noch stark überschätzt, stattdessen sei die Konvergenz von Internet und TV viel langsamer unterwegs als manche Experten glauben.

Auf den Medientagen in München geht es genauum dieses Thema.

Hier geht’s zum Artikel im Handelsblatt.