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More Time Spent On Mobile Devices Than In Front Of TV

header_moduleAccording to Flurry, US consumers spent more time with their mobile devices in the third quarter of 2014 than with their TV sets (177min – 168min).

However, the data does not reflect second screen time, when users are using mobile and tv at the same time and it doesn’t mean that users are watching more video content on mobile than on TV. Still, this seems like a watershed moment.

Read more at fiercecable.


Millennials Are The Largest Group Of Smartphone Owners, And Adoption Is Still Growing

Millennials rule!

Don’t Call It A Bubble

billion-dollar-mobile-internet-companies Just because there are now 25 mobile internet companies valued at over $1Bn doesn’t mean that there is a new bubble in town, right? Because first mover advantage in their market makes them worth all that money, right?

I’m not buying it. Get ready for the crash this October.

Read about the blistering pace at which these companies got to where they are now and the golden future of mobile internet applications at Venturebeat.

Research On Mobile Media Consumption And Apps Published

mobileapptimespentResearchers from Comscore have published the results of their study on digital media consumption.

It shows that mobile has overtaken desktop/laptop when it comes to time spent with media. On mobile devices, it’s the apps like Facebook that gobble up most of the users’ attention. From Techcrunch’s article: “Here’s another notable tidbit: 42% of all app time on smartphones takes place in that individual’s single most used app. 3 out of 4 minutes is spent in the individual’s top 4 apps. The top brands, which account for 9 out of the top 10 most used apps, include Facebook, Google, Apple, Yahoo, Amazon and eBay.”

Go to Comscore for the Whitepaper.

Apps: Almost none are making money

appsLet this sink in, before you dump your lie savings into a crazy start-up that has a great idea fo an App: 2 percent of all app developers pull in over 50 percent of all app revenue—”The revenue distribution is so heavily skewed towards the top that just 1.6% of developers make multiples of the other 98.4% combined.” A staggering 47% of app developers either make literally no money, or less than $100 per month, per app.

Valleywag has more insights from a survey among App developers.


Exclusive Games For Amazon Fire Phone and Tablets

dsc1174jpgSince users seem to be spending more time with games than anything else on their phones/tablets, Amazon is investing into games companies to bolster their exclusive games portfolio in a differentiating move that resembles Netflix’s exclusive show strategy.

Techcrunch has more on the gaming strategy.

Go to Business Insider for the basic facts about the Fire phone.