Sony Is Launching Its Own Internet TV Service, PlayStation Vue, In Early 2015

Playstation Vue, Sony’s TV streaming service is set to launch in the US in 2015 at a “fair and competitive price”. It will feature content from CBS, Fox, NBCUniversal and others. It will allow users to chose from live, on-demand and catch-up TV as well as movies on demand. The system will make the last three days of TV content available for re-watching.
Looks like Sony is doing alot of things right!


Sony is the latest contender to throw its hat into the content streaming ring after it announced plans for PlayStation Vue, a cloud-based service that includes programming from 75 channels. PlayStation Vue will be able available for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

The TV service, which Sony said will initially be available in an invite-only beta starting in New York this month, will include content from the likes of CBS, Fox, NBCUniversal and others. It revealed that a full commercial launch will take place in the first quarter of 2015, but it isn’t revealing how much it will cost as yet.

The company did explain, though, that it will be available via a monthly subscription plan that’s priced at a “fair and competitive price.” It isn’t clear yet whether (or indeed when) it will be available outside of the U.S..

sony ps vue

Image via USA Today

PlayStation Vue will offer customers live, on-demand, and catch-up shows and movies. Sony said the last three…

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