Chromecast Aims To Be The Focal Point Of Family Games Night With New Apps

Family games coming to Chromecast! A game changer?


Google’s Chromecast seemed a fairly innocuous seed when first planted back in July of 2013, but Google has been steadily ramping up the potential for the streaming HDMI dongle, via developer support and updates to its core software. Now, Google is announcing family-friendly games designed for Chromecast, which mark a concerted effort to turn the streamer into a console alternative for users who might’ve previously sought out a Wii for some multiplayer action that’s fun for everyone.

The new Chromecast apps announced today use your smartphone as a controller for the software running on the dongle attached to your TV, and include classics like Wheel of Fortune, as well as twists on old favourites like Monopoly Dash, Scrabble Blitz, Connect Four Quads, and Simon Swipe. The apps are all available for both iOS and Android, and work on both tablets and smartphones so that virtually anyone who happens to drop…

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