Cord Cutters and Cord Nevers

102814The emergence of OTT video streaming and a new generation of consumers, the millennials, have put the TV industry’s focus on cord cutters and cord nevers, two distinctly different subsets of the viewing population.

“Cord cutters, of course, are consumers who used to buy pay-TV services, but who opted for Internet-based video streaming at some point in the near past. Cord nevers, on the other hand, have never seen pay TV as an option.” The cord nevers, naturally, are to be expected at the younger end of the 18-34 demographic: Consumers that have grown up as digital natives, relying on mobile devices and Youtube for their viewing pleasure. Cord cutters tend to be a little older.

Among analysts the discussion on why exactly the younger demographic doesn’t buy cable Pay-TV bundles is still ongoing.

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