Young Adults aka Millennials Driving Change In TV/Video Landscape

viewingbyplatformThe so-called Millennials are the first to adapt to the wide variety of devices and OTT content sources that are rapidly changing the way we consume media.

“In fact a sixth of Millennials said they did not watch any original TV series from traditional TV sets within the past 30 days…Millennials were also significantly more likely to watch TV from a connected device such as a Roku, Apple TV, Google Chromecast devices as well as via a gaming console (eg Xbox, PlayStation, etc) or Blu-ray Player. The inference to be drawn, said the analyst, was that when Millennials do watch original series content on a traditional TV set they often do so through a digital connection and content streaming.”

The threat for Pay-TV is obvious. A new generation is growing up that may choose to spend their budget on OTT streaming services and watch free web video instead of buying an expensive cable bundles full of channels nobody wants or needs.

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