The New TV Pilot Season: Bringing YouTube Stars, Channels And Bloggers To TV Screens

How can you successfully cross over from Youtube to TV? Can you take your young demographic with you?
The author views short form internet videos and long form Tv content as two entirely different entities, which cater to different audiences and don’t cross over well from one medium to the other.


Editor’s note: Nuno Bernardo is an award-winning and Emmy-nominated writer and producer. Using his unique approach, Nuno has created and produced several web properties that have successfully crossed to TV.

Hollywood is in love with YouTube. Last year, DreamWorks Animation paid $33 million for YouTube channel AwesomenessTV, Warner Bros. invested $18 million in the YouTube channel Machinima and most recently, Disney purchased Maker Studios for $500 million. At this point, many other studios are probably negotiating acquisitions of these multi-channel networks. The explanation for so much love is simple: These channels reach an audience bigger than any TV network, especially to a target demographic that proves hard to connect with TV.

It’s a fact that new generations spend more time on the Internet than watching traditional linear television. This success has prompted some Internet-based web series or YouTube celebrities to cross to TV, but for many Hollywood executives, these…

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