EA Launches A $30 Per Year Netflix For Games On Xbox One

Good news for Xbox One users: get your EA games for $30/year instead of $70 per game. Bad news if you’re on Playstation or looking to sell cloud gaming for $10/month.


I’d play a lot more games if they weren’t $70 a pop, and it looks like EA suspects that might be true of a lot of gamers. The game publisher just announced a new subscription service called ‘EA Access‘ for Xbox One users that will give subscribers all the games they can play (from a limited catalog) for $4.99 per month.

What games, you say? Well, there’s Madden 25 to start. And Fifa 14. And Battlefield 4. And Peggle 2. It’s a limited selection, but it’s a start, and it could cater especially to gamers who are interested in serial sports titles like Madden but who don’t see enough value in forking over $70 per year for generally incremental updates – a multi-title subscription service would provide more access to a wider range of games for the same amount of money or less, at $29.99 per year if you buy all…

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