Virtual Reality Is Gaining Momentum

271__944x0_iguanaWe all remember the first wave of virtual reality hype in the 90s, pinnacled by the movies Lawnmower Man and Virtuosity. Well, nothing much followed until recently, when the Oculus Rift emerged as well as Sony’s project Morpheus.

Virtual Reality is moving past gaming and now it’s garnered the attention of story-tellers, looking to use the technology to take content to another level of immersion. Imagine a movie that let’s you pan around the scene, look at characters from different angles etc. BBC-affiliated production company Atlantic Studios, renowned for educational programming and documentaries have embraced the new technology and are looking for ways to enhance the narrative of their non-fictional content. Anthony Geffen, CEO of Atlantic, likens the new technological frontier to the days when film went from silent movies to “talkies”.

Techcrunch has the whole story.


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