Connected TVs: Streaming Devices or Smart TVs?

ImageIn a recent study by eMarketer, it is predicted that the use of online services on TV will double in the USA by 2018 from 84 million users now to about 190 million. More than half of TV consumers will be online at least once a month in 2017. However this growth will be fueled more by devices hooked up to the TV set than by Smart TVs. Although the spread of Smart TVs will outnumber traditional TVs this year already, the reach that HDMI sticks (Chromecast) or Streaming Boxes (Apple TV, Roku) or Gaming Consoles (PS, XBOX) have will remain bigger.

Go to lightreader for more research results.

Business Insider has an abstract of their study on streaming devices and Smart TVs online. They predict that Smart TVs will strengthen their postion vis a vis streaming devices as they get cheaper. The study takes a look at the question of closed (Apple TV, Samsung) versus open (Chromecast, Roku) platforms and hints at HTML5 as a possible shared platform of the future. It describes the three main business models on Smart TVs (download to own, subscriptions and ads) and, last but not least, it takes into account the developments that could stem from the market power of ISPs.


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