New Insights Into Net Neutrality Debate

ImageToday, Wired posted a story aimed at clearing up some misunderstandings about net neutrality, like the idea of “fast lanes” for established companies who can afford to pay for faster access to their customers, that would keep start-ups from entering their markets. Now some experts on internet infrastructure have come forward to explain that this easy to grasp concept is from the early days of internet, but that the internet doesn’t work like that anymore.

In fact, big companies, like Google, Facebook or Netflix already have access to fast lanes through “Content Delivery Networks” or “Peering Connections”. That means, they have direct connections to the service providers and dedicated servers there.

The real issue is market power on the side of the service providers. In the USA, internet companies almost have to use Comcast or Verizon if they want to reach a broad customer base. So those who control the pipe can tax those who depend on it for their business. Great news for Comcast shareholders, bad news for Netflix shareholders and customers.

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