YouTube is coming to cable TV set-top boxes, with a little help from the cloud

Cool stuff for old STBs. CloudTV is a service for TV apps that works like a cloud gaming service. Add just one app and get many TV apps from the cloud.


Right now, a grandma in Hungary is watching Gangnam style for the very first time. Her introduction to Psy has been made possible by a partnership between YouTube (S GOOG) and the local cable TV provider UPC Hungary, which added a YouTube app to its cable boxes a few weeks ago.

YouTube isn’t the only online video service flirting with cable these days. Netflix (S NFLX) has struck agreements with a number of cable companies to add its service to their devices. However, these agreements have so far been limited in scope due to hardware constraints. UPC Hungary on the other hand is bringing YouTube to every single customer, thanks to clever use of the cloud that could soon bring online video services to many millions of additional eyeballs.

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At the center of UPC Hungary’s YouTube roll-out is a technology called CloudTV…

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