How Much Are They Spending?

Spending Big Bucks On ContentNetflix, Amazon, Hulu and other VoD services have taken to producing their own content as a part of their distinction strategy. But just how much are they shelling out for big names like Kevin Spacey and John Goodman?

Most analysts have a hard time estimating the spendings for Amazon and Hulu, whereas Netflix is pretty transparent in their quarterly reports. CEO Reed Hastings said that spending on original content is about 10% of the overall content acquisition budget of $4 billion. House Of Cards alone takes the lion’s share with its budget of $100 million.

Amazon has claimed in 2013 that it would spend $1 billion on original programming. Analysts are speculating that they have come close to spending $1 billion in 2014 on a host of upcoming shows that have been greenlit. Amazon has recently reported it would spend close to $2 billion on “technology and content” in 2014, a $600 million hike from 2013.

Hulu is the smallest of these three, but CEO Mike Hopkins has promised to triple the investment in original programming.


Go here for the full report.


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