Less Than 50% Of Online Video Ads Are Watched

ImageA NYT article claims that less than half of the online video ads that are sold are actually watched.

This assessment might dampen the optimism surrounding the success story of online advertising. In theory, online video ads are a great deal: they’re targetable to specific audiences and those audiences are in attractive demographics. But alot can go wrong with video ads, making 57% of them “unviewable”, as ad management platform Vindico puts it: “because they are buried low on web pages or run in tiny, easily ignored video players on those pages, or run simultaneously with other ads.” That’s kind of a big problem, as 2013 has seen $2,8 billion spent on online video ads, doubled from 2010.
And we’re not even considering fraud, when botnets create fake page views and ad impressions.

So the famous quote by John Wanamaker remains true, even in the digital age: “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted,” John Wanamaker, the 19th-century marketing pioneer, famously said. “The trouble is, I don’t know which half.”

Read more at fierceonline or go to NYT for the long version.


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