Yahoo To Enter The Original Content Arena


Marissa Mayer is all about acquiring assets to grow the Yahoo empire. After buying lots and lots of online and tech companies (most recent/noteworthy: blog-service tumblr.), Yahoo has set its sights on original content, but not the small budget short-form webvideo-kind but the real deal: Shows with multi-million dollar budgets, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Last year, Yahoo bought the rights to the whole Saturday Night Live back catalogue along with BBC comedy classics like Fawlty Towers, The Office and Black Adder, which run on side by side with web video content. The effort put in so far has lead to a rise of 14% for Yahoo video views. But the advertising game is not only about quantity (i.e. views) also about quality, because advertisers often don’t want their products to be associated with low quality gossip videos. Enter high profile actors and big budget productions.

It seems like everybody is doing it (Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Netflix, Hulu), so why not join in on the fun? These must be great times to be a producer or writer, because so many new players want in on the tv show game.

Check out the article on mashable which provides some expert opinions.


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