Amazon Looking At Pay-TV?

amazon lovefilmRecently, Amazon added a flat rate Video-on-Demand service for its Prime customers, called Amazon Instant Video, next to its classical online video store Lovefilm.
Now it has been leaked by content providers that Amazon has asked for the rights to stream their content in an online live TV setup. Amazon wants to bring you online Pay TV channels! Amazon was quick to deny the rumors, but it seems like Pay TV is the next media business that is attracting tech companies, like Google and Sony, who are allegedly also looking into offering Pay TV channels. The latest example is US carrier Verizon which has bought Intel’s OTT TV product OnCue and plans to sell its TV service as an OTT product on other carriers’ connections.
The TV business is at a turning point, ever since streaming has made the broadcasting side of the business cheaper. You no longer need access to cable or satellite distribution, just an internet connection. This shift has put more power in the hands of the few big media content providers like Disney, News Corp or Viacom, because now more players are looking to buy content in order to stream it online.

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