Hands On With Spotify For The Browser

It’s speedy, and for a streaming music service like Spotify making the jump from desktop software to the browser, that’s of the utmost importance. This is just an early beta of what will rollout next year, so I’ll forgive the missing features and say I was impressed with the feel. But discovery still has a long way to go to unlock the potential of near infinite music.

To set the stage, in September I broke the news that multiple industry sources had confirmed Spotify was building a browser version. Yesterday, the company supposedly closed a massive $100 million+ round of funding valuing it at over $3 billion. And today, The Verge revealed that a test of the browser version’s beta is now available to some users. Spotify has confirmed with us that it will be rolling out the beta over the next few weeks and months, and it will have more news in Q1 of next year.

The browser version could be a big boon to Spotify because it means you can listen to your playlists or nearly any song no matter what computer you’re on. That includes work or public computers you can’t install software on, or the ability to play form your ad-free subscription while on friend’s laptop at their house.

Please find the article here:



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