Google’s Nexus 7 TV Spot Tops Apple’s ‘Genius’ Ads in Effectiveness

Google is making better Apple ads than Apple.

Apple’s latest slate of TV ads may have had a chilly reception, while Google seems to be grabbing a page from its rival’s historical playbook in a new TV spot for its tablet Nexus 7 by showing how a tech product can make life better.

Google’s “Camping” ad debuted on July 25 and has since aired during the Olympics broadcast. It shows a father and his young son on a camping trip, where they use a Nexus 7 as a compass, a flashlight, to play chess in their tent when it’s raining, and to read the novel “The Little Prince” before going to sleep. The minute-long ad was the most-effective TV spot to break in the last week and the most-effective technology spot in the last 90 days, according to the ad research firm Ace Metrix, which measures effectiveness of ads by showing them to 500 consumers and scoring them in areas such as persuasiveness and likelihood of watching again. (It scored 662 out of a possible 950.)


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