What is Sony’s Entertainment Network?

Sony’s senior director of global business strategy is quoted with the following in an article on Sony’s changing of the Playstation Network to the Sony Entertainment Network: “What we are aiming foris to bring all this digital content into one place so that the users are able to access the best-of-the-best content from one place on any device.” This quote perfectly sums up the perspective of all the competitors who are trying to establish an all-media-ecosystem to attack Apple’s iTunes as well as eCommerce giant Amazon.

Read the article here. The author at www.computerandvideogames.com interprets Sony’s strategy correctly: “The overweening motivation behind the SEN is to generate more profit for Sony, by encouraging its consumers to commit more zealously to Sony hardware and content – in other words, to get them to act more like Apple consumers. The spectre of iTunes hovers over the SEN – but you can’t blame Sony for wanting to emulate iTunes’ success.”


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