APPLE’S TV DREAM REVEALED: Embarrass Hardware Makers, Stiff Content Providers, Destroy Cable Companies

ImageOver the last several months, Apple’s vision for television has become clearer.

Thanks to work by Wall Street analyst Gene Munster on the hardware side and the New York Post’s Claire Atkinson on the content and cable side, we now have a pretty good picture of what Apple wants to do:



  • Build a TV set that is much cooler and easier to use than anything else out there
  • Charge twice as much for it
  • Assemble a “virtual cable company” with boatloads of great content by cutting deals with content providers
  • Pay the content providers practically nothing
  • Reduce cable companies to “dumb pipes” by redesigning and taking control over the television interface
  • Capture a subscription revenue stream that the cable companies now own

That seems to be the vision.

Read more: Businessinsider.

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